Welcome, friends, to Black Voices from Big Brown – the Untold Stories of African Americans at UPS!

We invite you to join us on this moving journey into the evolution of a company that parallels society itself.

These are success stories the world needs to hear; that even in the face of overwhelming odds, one person can, and does, make a difference.

UPS is a company with a long history of success stories, built by smart, driven, dedicated and talented individuals, who met every challenge on their road to success.

The 29 people we honor here had one more challenge to overcome. They were African American in a time when corporate America was unmistakably white.

The moments captured in words and imagery will motivate you, educate you, and empower you to never stop pressing towards a higher mark in your life and career, to not let anyone or anything deter you.

On a personal note, I hope this epic experience will help us all see past color lines drawn in the sand. Often times, when a hindrance is attributed to race or gender, the company as a whole suffers. We must remember that many of these hindrances are individuals, not policy or company rules.

These stories, while at times tough to hear, paint a picture of hope and thankfulness to a company embracing change in times when change was non-existent.

I believe that UPS has always been ahead of the curve, striving to do what’s right even when the state of the world frowned on it. Jim Casey, the founder of UPS, made a bold statement on the matter more than half a century ago: “Find out what each person is really capable of doing as an individual, and deal with that person as an individual.”

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– Jayson J. Martin, BVBB Project Co-Lead and Digital Director