About the MARCH Foundation

Ken Jarvis joined UPS in 1957. Recognized as the company’s first African American package car driver, he rose through the ranks, retiring after 37 years as Vice President of Human Resources.

Ken’s reputation for mentoring is the stuff of UPS legend; countless UPSers credit their advancement and ultimate success to his care and guidance. For nearly four decades, he gave his all to UPS—but he still managed to give back to his community.

Through my success at UPS, I was afforded the opportunity to do things I never expected to do, and as a result, I created the March Foundation.

Ken Jarvis

Founding Member, The MARCH Foundation

In 1998, Ken created The MARCH Foundation—Mutual Alliance Restoring Community Hope—to support the education of African American youth through scholarships to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). The MARCH Foundation has distributed more than $1 million in grants and scholarships to more than 1,000 students since its inception.

Funded initially by Black male executives who retired from UPS, The MARCH Foundation honors the legacy of men and women who seized the great opportunity UPS provided to shape successful corporate journeys, inspiring hope and offering direction to others navigating the path to equality in Corporate America.

Profits from this project will benefit The MARCH Foundation, and we hope these powerful photographs and insightful words inspire generations with the promise of possibility.

March Foundation Logo
The MARCH Foundation Board of Directors
  • Norm Carmichael, Chairman
  • Mel Smith, Vice-Chairman
  • Bruce Trotter, Parliamentarian/Sergeant at Arms
  • Eric Leufroy, Treasurer
  • Don Wofford, Board Secretary

  • Kenneth B. Jarvis, Chairman Emeritus
  • Kenneth Parks, Past Chairman
  • Keith Jones, Past Vice Chairman
  • James E. Castillo, Jr., Founding Member
  • William Lewis, Founding Member
  • Dennis Obregon, Founding Member
  • Douglas T. Smalls, Founding Member
  • Jim Winestock, Founding Member

  • Michael D. Adams
  • Ernie Brown
  • Elze Epps
  • Gerard Gibbons
  • Myron Gray
  • Lawrence Lewis
  • Carlton Rose
  • Zachary Scott
  • Medford Turrentine
  • Myron Williams
  • Garrett Wilson
  • Stefan Wilson
  • Darnell Clay
  • Jim Pierce
  • Arthur B. Hill
  • Henry Short