We invite you to add ‘Beyond BVBB’ to your podcast listening library, as we delve into the core of each of the honoree’s stories. Hosted by Black Voices from Big Brown’s Project Co-Lead/Creative Director Jayson J. Martin, each podcast in this series sheds a different insight and thought process to help you really understand the people behind these untold stories.

A candid conversation with Doug Daley, Head of the AABRG, about this project and unpacking racial topics

A look into the incomparable Ken Jarvis, the first Black Driver for UPS to move into management, paving the way for future Black Leaders

A look into Rosemary Turner, whose gravitas helped shape the face of a company

A look into Dennis Obegron, who put UPS on the path of success

A look into Bobby Clayton, whose career development skills brought future leaders to the forefront

A look into William Lewis, a man who proves that education is truly key to achieving your goals

A look into Elze Epps, the tough as nails gentle voice that led to growth of the company during his time

A look into Ken Cherry, whose long sighted vision kept UPS current and ahead of its time in moments of needed change

A look into Cal Darden, the no nonsense executive that once drove through a blistering blizzard

A look into Carlton Rose, the watchful observer whose keen insight and carefully chosen delivery will leave you in awe

A look into Keith Jones, a man of action whose completion garnered results like no other

A look into George Brooks, the man who never met a stranger and never forgets a face

A look into Evern C. Epps, a woman who was always the first in much of what she did, especially at UPS

A look into Cal Tyler, whose philanthropic spirit helped to redefine UPS in the eyes of the world and propelled him into its upper echelon of management ranks

A look into Teri McClure, the “outsider” who not only embraced UPS Culture, but impacted it in so many great ways

A look into Douglas Smalls, the executive who saw the value of every employee and peer, even if they needed help to see it themselves

A look into Gerard Gibbons, the man who defied his parent’s dreams and ultimately made them prouder than they could have imagined

A look into Lawrence Lewis, who took destiny and spoke it into new existence forging his career path at Big Brown

A look into Ken Parks, the soldier turned UPSer whose military acumen play a major role in pushing himself to the top of the hill

A look into Stefan Wilson, the only man in history to take a top title to global heights

A look into Zach Scott, the award-winning manager whose method to respect and success is definitely one to take note of

A look into Jim Winestock, the exec who never missed a single day of work and has the respect of ALL our other honorees

A look into Trayce Parker, who took fate by the hand and walked down the brown brick road to be the first woman to helm an entire region

A look into Albert Wright, whose personal sayings could easily become mantras for your daily life

A look into Noel Massie, the small man with a big heart and diligent mindset to make a difference without being hindered by differences

A look into Rhonda Clark, who went from being the ONE and ONLY female engineer to being the ONE all UPS engineers now report to

A look into Charlene Thomas, the former UPS driver who has commanded the room since her first delivery through being named to the Executive

A look into Norm Carmichael, whose innovative genius led to his stature as the definition of being best

A look into Stan Dean, whose passport was stamped due to UPS moving him around the world fixing issues and making Big Brown better

A look into Nikki Clifton, an inspirational woman who could easily be the reflection little girls see when they imagine their successful futures